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Chirozone - Prenatal Chiropractic Adjust

WEBSTER Technique Prenatal Care 

Are you getting back pain during pregnancy?

Most pregnant women will experience some form of back pain throughout the pregnancy period. This usually happens in the second and third trimester of pregnancy as your tummy and baby grows bigger. There are a few reasons as to why pregnant women are more prone to getting back pain during pregnancy.


  • A shift in the body's center of gravity. As the baby grows heavier, the center of gravity of the mum's body will shift forward and pregnant women often overarch the lower back to compensate for this postural change. This actually creates a lot of stress on the joints and muscles of in the lower back and pelvic area,  especially during walking. This additional stress on the lower back often leads to joint misalignment, inflammation,  muscle spasm and pain. Therefore, walking can be quite difficult and painful for some pregnant mums. 

  • Pregnancy hormone. Pregnancy hormone called Relaxin is produced during pregnancy to facilitate the labour process by loosening up the ligaments and joints in the pelvic area. However it can also cause extra instability in the spine which can lead to injury and pain.

Back pain is very common in pregnant women, however it is NOT normal to suffer from pain. You should not live in pain throughout the 10 months of pregnancy period. Seek help from a WEBSTER Certified Chiropractor in KL & Selangor who specialises in treating pregnant women today!

What is WEBSTER Technique?

The WEBSTER Technique originated from the United States is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and adjustment to correct the spinal and pelvic misalignment specifically designed for pregnant mums. It is absolutely gentle and extremely safe for pregnant women and babies. Webster Technique helps to correct pelvic misalignment so that your baby will have as much space as possible in the womb throughout your pregnancy. Therefore, your baby may have a higher chance to move into the best position to be born so that the delivery process can be faster, smoother and easier. 

Many pregnant women who have undergone Webster Chiropractic care have reported with less pain during daily activities, better sleep, less anxiety, improved frequent urination, improved breathing, and improvements in many other pregnancy related issues. 

I'm pregnant, can I see a chiropractor?

Yes! Absolutely! It is very safe for pregnant women to see a WEBSTER certified chiropractor. We see pregnant mums from first trimester all the way up till before labour. WEBSTER technique is a non-invasive and gentle hands on chiropractic technique which does not involve medications or injections. It helps to improve the mum’s spinal health and reduce the stress on the spinal nerve. This also means that the mum can have less pain throughout the pregnancy and better overall health for both the mum and the baby.

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