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Chirozone Family Chiropractic Story

Getting Better Together

Our goal at Chirozone Family Chiropractic KL is to facilitate healing and restore efficient movement and comfort as quickly as possible. We achieve this through proven hands-on techniques, one-on-one therapy, individualized rehabilitation programs and bespoke treatment plans designed for each patient.


We focus on achieving optimal health for you and your family. We work with everyone in your family including kids, elderly, adults and pregnant mums, as we believe it's never too young or too old to get your spine checked. Our chiropractors and physiotherapists are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest evidence and research available. 

Our chiropractic center in Solaris Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia have been serving the neighbourhood community. We have been helping people with various conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, headache, slipped disc, shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain, buttock pain and pregnancy-related pain to feel better and to achieve general wellness. Get in touch to find out more and to book your first appointment.

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