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Medicine Balls


What is difference between rehab exercise and normal exercise?

Rehab exercises are specific sets of strengthening and stretching exercises to target muscle weakness and tightness following an injury such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain and shoulder pain. This may involve the use of medicine ball, yoga ball, exercise band, resistance band and weights. All these rehabilitative exercises prescribed by our chiropractors can help you return to your daily activities or sports activities with less risk of re-injury. 

Normal exercise includes walking, running, ball games, racquet games, swimming and etc. 


My back hurts when I exercise, should I continue?

You should stop it immediately as you may cause more injury to yourself. Always listen to your body! Rehabilitative exercises should help with muscle weakness or muscle tightness that result from an injury. You should feel better after you perform a stretching exercise. You may feel some mild muscle soreness after strengthening exercises but it shouldn't be painful. 

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